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Welcome to the Zumunta Association USA Inc

Zumunta Association USA, Inc. is an association representing the 19 northern states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria plus the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) in the United States of America. We invite to browse our website to learn more about us and what we do as well as join us in our effort to advance the sustainable development of not just Northern Nigeria, but Nigeria as a whole. As a Diaspora, we are concerned about our welfare here in America and the state of affairs in Nigeria and have come together to find ways and means of improving ourselves and of contributing to the development of our country, Nigeria, and our respective host communities. It is our conviction that in unity lies strength.

National President's Message

Welcome to Zumunta Association USA, Inc website. I hope that you find it useful and informative. Our website reflects Zumunta’s interest in promoting discussion and action on challenges that can be addressed through collaboration that is deep, coherent, and coordinated. The goal of Zumunta website is to bring all Nigerians of Northern decent together on this platform to promote our activities and membership in the US diaspora and beyond, The Zumunta website will also be a place to help those who may be interested in and to follow our activities to support and partner with Zumunta USA, Inc.

I am calling upon all Nigeria Citizens of Northern decent, resident in the United States of America to all come together, so that we can find ways and means of improving ourselves and to contribute to the development of our home country, Nigeria, host country and our respective communities.

I believe we all share in the common conviction that in unity and our ethnic diversity lies the unshakable foundation of our strength. Let us come together united to promote dialogue, understanding, and cooperation for our social, economic, and political development, that will furthers our well-being, support, and facilitate the creation of our sense of community, committed to peace, social justice and sustainable development in Nigeria , promoting , advancing the process and art of non-violent conflict resolution, community and grassroots empowerment through public enlightenment, educational means including research, publication, discussion and community participation.