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    ON JULY 29, 2017

    Zumunta Association USA, Inc as the umbrella organization of people from the nineteen northern states of Nigeria without regards for ethnic affiliation, religion or educational background but bound in unity of purpose dedicated its 2017 Annual Convention Conference to the plight of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) with skyrocketing numbers in Abuja, Adamawa, Bauchi, Benue, Borno, Gombe, Kaduna, Kano, Nasarawa, Plateau, Taraba, Yobe and Zamfara States in Nigeria is cause for significant concern.

    Aside the fact that the IDPs were not safe in their communities, it is perplexing to know that they are not safe in designated camps either. In addition, security is lax and the camps have transmuted from a safe haven to a place where women are sexually abused, children are malnourished and they serve as breeding ground for potential recruits into nefarious gangs. This is further exacerbated by the fact that the resources meant to support the IDPs are being diverted for personal use or resold by those given the responsibility to ensure such resources reach the appropriate persons.

    Zumunta is calling on the relevant agencies that are meant to support the vulnerable children and women who comprise the bulk of the IDPs to come together and attend to the most urgent and pressing matter of supporting and resettlement of the IDPs in an accountable and transparent manner.

    It is Zumunta’s view that the presence of IDPs in camps within their homeland is almost always an indictment of the government’s inability to actively and meaningfully engage communities from the early stages by addressing legitimate dissatisfaction, conflicts and concerns by the populace. The IDPs phenomenon in Nigeria today is an outcome of neglect, poverty, misinformation, mischief and sabotage. To forestall and reverse this trend, it is imperative that government at various levels, community leaders and the people must do their part.

    Zumunta’s conference on IDPs at the Convention was declared open by His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Simon Bako Lalong, Executive Governor of Plateau State, Nigeria. Panelists with first hand practical experience on these issues were drawn from public organizations, medical professions, traditional rulers, media practitioners, as well as civil society organizations.  These panelists provided insight into the myriad issues related to IDPs.  

    Based on the outcome of the conference, Zumunta Association USA Inc. therefore:

    • Calls on relevant government agencies to involve traditional rulers into the process of solution forming so that local communities can have their say, acceptance and ownership of a sound approach to minimize and eliminate the menace of communal and terrorist attacks.
    • Calls on the Nigerian Legislature to fast track the legislative process/es for managing IDPs to provide the appropriate legislative framework for budgetary allocation of resources to cater for and manage this IDP conundrum. In the intervening period, Zumunta calls on the Executive to carry out the necessary review and application of existing policies upon which IDPs can be supported.
    • Calls on the Nigerian Government to consider, seek and continue to collaborate with diaspora organizations like Zumunta Association USA Inc. and other diaspora groups to develop and implement practical solutions to manage, curb and resolve the challenges associated with IDPs. Government should also address security concerns with agencies handling IDPs to eradicate the issues of vulnerability for exploitation.
    • Asks government at various levels to resolve the root causes of these incessant phenomenon of communal conflicts by adopting collaborative approaches at resolving this menace with traditional rulers, Nigerian groups in the diaspora and other expert international resources to generate local solutions. Infact, it will do no wrong to adopt an open source approach to solving problems like this and generating a comprehensive resettlement effort for the affected IDPs.
    • Believes that the government should pay particular attention to the root causes behind the clamor for self-determination. The lack thereof, could mean that an even bigger challenge of IDPs awaiting Nigeria and the West African sub-region.
    • Calls on well-meaning individuals and organizations to contribute to this resolving this issue practically and academically. It is in this spirit therefore that Zumunta Association is open to partnership with government at all levels in Nigeria to generate solutions like scholarships, job creation, health provision in various capacities and other relevant resettlement efforts.
    • Zumunta Association USA Inc. is looking forward to partner with the 19 Northern States and the Federal Government of Nigeria as well as other Nigerians and organizations in tackling this challenge.

    God Bless the United States of America

    God Bless Nigeria

    God Bless Zumunta Association USA, Inc.


    1. More strenght to your elbow zumunta association USA, Inc.

    2. Alice Philip says:

      Thats a great move made by the board because Taraba and Benue are seriously suffering with the Fulani herds men in which more IDP’s camp are created in Taraba State. Please let’s pray for our country especially the northern side. We Christians are seriously molested but that didn’t stop us from praying because we know our Almighty God will come to our rescue one day. Thank you( one of the beneficiary)

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